Coming Up For Air


“June 11, 2012– Last week, the winners of the annual IndieReader Discovery Awards (IRDAs) were announced at BookExpo America (BEA), a major trade show inNew York City. The First Place award in the category of LITERARY FICTION was shared by THE ANGRY WOMAN SUITE by Lee Fullbright and IN LEAH’S WAKE by Terri Giuliano Long. 

Judges for the awards included publishers, agents, publicists, reviewers, authors, bloggers, and producers. Judging was based on the quality of writing, and the originality of the story . . . ” 


And, yes, of course I’m thrilled by the Discovery Award for The Angry Woman Suite (published March, 2012), and I was floored to learn of my finalist status in the Historical Fiction category as well, which I found out about just one day before the win in Literary Fiction. Talk about a blur.       

So why my delay in knowing anything? 

Because my dear husband (everybody called him DDF) died on May 21st, and I lost track of life. I was numb immediately following, and then machine-like, taking a million sympathy calls and making a million business calls, and filing paperwork, and going to the CPA, the banker, and the candlestick maker. I finally came up for air this week, back to life (sort of), and was welcomed by the Discovery Award (and also this week, a very nice review of The Angry Woman Suite from Midwest Book Review). I can’t help thinking—and I’ve told several friends this—how much I wish DDF was here to share this with me (he was my biggest rooting section). And then my amazing friend, Laurie, emailed the following, and made me laugh out loud and cry at the same time: 

 “DDF’s playing non-stop golf at the most prestigious and beautiful golf course right now. AND the drinks are all free. When he wants a break from golf, he can play tennis. The courts are enormous, but you can hit the ball half a mile—a clean shot every time, with that great sound the ball makes on the sweet spot of the racquet. Skiing is also phenomenal—like the Swiss Alps on steroids—and he can do 360’s and huge jumps, and the sun is shining and always warm, but never melts the perfect powder snow. While he’s resting after his very full days of long missed favorite sports, he’s looking down on you and smiling—no, beaming—over your Discovery Award, and watching over you while you sleep. He can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!”

I think I’m going to frame Laurie’s words for my bedside table.

Here’s to coming up for air.

Image credit: vsurkov / 123RF Stock Photo