Must-Read Books by Christina Knowles

An honor to be included on this list!

Disturbing the Universe

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This week my AP students have been presenting speeches on the books they read this quarter, and hearing students talk about my favorite books inspires in me a longing to re-read my favorites. My students often ask me what my favorite book is, and I easily reply, “Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah,” but after that, it gets tough to narrow it down to a list of essentials. I would love to just list ten, but I find it impossible to limit it that much when I begin to write. Here are my absolute must-haves:

  1. Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah: I love this book because it is the most beautiful novel I have ever read. It’s about regrets, misunderstandings, and relationships—relationships between sisters, mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, and husbands and wives. It is thought-provoking, poignant, and reads like poetry. Within the contemporary story, lives fairytale…

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4 comments on “Must-Read Books by Christina Knowles

  1. Mike Sirota says:

    Impressive list, and your inclusion, Lee, is well deserved.

  2. That is so nice! You’re certainly in good company on that list!

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