Typos: Condemnation for Common Mistakes

The Misfortune Of Knowing

Miss Steaks from Spell Checker Poem

Once, after filing a 49-page appellate brief in a case, I received the following email from a well-established attorney in my practice area:

I did not want to undercut the ‘thank you’ email I sent on Saturday by mentioning anything negative [about the brief you filed], but there’s something you may have noted already, but which, in case not, I draw to your attention for the future: the proofing needs to be done more carefully.

The sender then complained that my brief contained two small typos and one incomplete citation. Thankfully, all of these mistakes were in pro forma portions of the brief that the judges were unlikely to read, but I felt awful about them, particularly after spending nearly three weeks drafting and proofreading the damn thing. I read the brief from cover to cover multiple times, as did several other attorneys involved in the case, and not one…

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2 comments on “Typos: Condemnation for Common Mistakes

  1. claudecain3@comcast.net says:

    Lee: God Bless Spellcheck. My favorites are still “very unique,” “heighth,” “presently meaning now” and multiple misuses of me, myself and I. From a legal point of view, look at how many people who allegedly speak English can’t properly interpret the Second Amendment, which never was meant to guarantee a personal ownership of any kind of firearm.

    Have a happy,


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