#1 at Amazon: The Angry Woman Suite

Here it is: This morning (day after Thanksgiving), The Angry Woman Suite, a Discovery Award winner and Kirkus Critics’ pick, is  sitting on a #1 spot at Amazon … check it out here:  http://www.amazon.com/The-Angry-Woman-Suite-ebook/dp/B007CLHQU2

And here, pasted and copied from you-know-who: 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank:

The Angry Woman Suite [Kindle Edition]

Didja see the #1, didja? Baby Rae and I are dancing…. The Angry Woman Suite is currently #1 in Historical  Fiction and #3 in Mystery.

Here’s Laurie Fuller’s amazing Wuthering Heights-ish cover again (’cause I like it so much): 

… and that link again: http://www.amazon.com/The-Angry-Woman-Suite-ebook/dp/B007CLHQU2

… and me and Baby wishing you happy reading and Happy Holidays (ours definitely are, so far)

6 comments on “#1 at Amazon: The Angry Woman Suite

  1. Claude says:

    Congratulations, Lee, Your book deserves the position. I still love the feel of pages in my hand and refuse to buy a Kindle. Enjoy your holidays and try to schedule a signing trip up here. I still love to cook and you are more than welcome. I will bet you i can turn your dog into a friend within a couple of hours. Animals and kids all seem to take to me immediately.

  2. Geri Wilson says:

    This is wonderful news and your book deserves to be #1

  3. If any book deserves it, it is yours! And, your sweet fury daughter couldn’t look prouder. Big cyber hug from your fans in Ojai!

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